Problem is an unfavorable experience is one's life. In fact, this world is full of problems. People say that this world is a world of war. Hardly can we get a person in this world who has not experienced one problem or the other before in his or her life.

    However, the question comes, how do problem enter into people's life? The sources of problems are many, among which the ones mentioned in this book are picked.

    There are problems that are caused by evil and wicked people, evil spirits ignorance, the attitude of a person, past events in a person's life. There are problems that are associated with family ties. It is astonishing that some people are the architects of their own misfortune, such people don't need sympathy and unless such people repent and forsake their evil ways, their problems will remain unsolved for life. There are people who acquire problems in an attempt to cause evil in the lives of others.

    There are problems that come into people's life to try one's faith (trial of faith). God knows about that and if one can endure, such a problem will solved by God Himself. Ps. 40:1 - end.

    Without doubt, there are still many people going up and down, from crusades to crusades, from one mountain to the other, from true prophets to false prophets, yet their problems remain unsolved. Why? This is because the root - cause of their problems have not been traced out.

    However, in this book, some of the sources or causes of problems are well analyzed with the solutions.

    By the grace of God, that short time or long time problem will be totally solved through the powerful, dynamic and spiritual words of God in this book.

Author's Profile

  • Revd Prof. Titus O. Elufisan JP

    Revd Prof. Titus O. Elufisan JP is a respected and dynamic minister of this end time, who received the Lord Jesus more than four decades ago. He preaches the true word of God: holiness and heavenly focused messages.

    God is using him for revival in this end-time. He is always a guest speaker at conferences, vocational/career talk, deliverance / Holy Ghost ministrations, retreats, success seminars and in many higher institutions with signs following.

    He was well trained both in secular education and theology field.

    A trained and qualified Guidance Councellor. His counselling has helped many people.

    He is blessed with a wife Revd Mrs. Mary M. Elufisan and children who are also ministers of God.