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  • Avoiding Discouragement In Christian Writing

    Christian writers, your writing are a sure way to reach the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    At times, we do encounter discouragement in our writing ministry. It is not a sin to feel discouraged but to give in to discouragement is a great sin.

    Discouragement is the instrument of the devil to hinder you from fulfilling the purpose of God from reaching the world with His messages in your heart. It is necessary for you to realize this earlier and condition your heart that no matter what, you will not give in to discouragement.

    Fellow writer, you have to discourage your discouragement.

    At a time in your writing ministry, ...

  • Welcome

    There are many changes that have taken place in publishing industry in the past years. You can easily get ideas to publish your books at the tip of your fingers and make more money at the comfort of your home.

    Now, there is a radical departure from the conventional mode of publishing, things are changing and we must follow the trend in book publishing also.

    Book publishing and marketing are really fun if you know how to do it.

    At Rightway Publishers through this forum, we are really set to be giving you tips on how to publish your books to the international standard and market it both online and offline, reaching the world with your God given ideas and making good money.

    Don't worry, we have being doing this business more than 14 years with stable testimonies and lot of information and ideas.

    Visit this site regularly, your success is guaranteed in Book Publishing Industry.

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