There are many challenges facing people even Christians on various aspects of life. Christians should be unshakable in all circumstances of life.

    Some of the messages in this book are designed to understand the concept of spiritual warfare and intercessory prayers. Some of the messages are to help the children of God in winning spiritual battle and conditions you are expected to be at the time you are having a spiritual battle and how to have victory.

    Many people are discouraged today because of one situation or the other, the book gives solutions to some of the mixed up situations in people’s lives. People who are depressed, oppressed and heavy laden will find a clear way solution to their spiritual problem.

    One of the chapters which bears the topic “Going Deep Into The Root Of A Problem Brings Solutions” will make an individual to go deep into one’s life foundation and think of necessary physical or spiritual solutions to make a head way in life.

    While reading the book you will come across some topics such as:

    1. Crossing Over To A Better Situation, this will go far in encouraging people not to think that they are permanently pushed to the wall; but the book tells us that no matter how bad your situation is you will have a better future.

    2. The Hour Of Silence And The Hour Of Glory, speaks a lot on the time of cloudiness in one’s life and how the better time can come in. In fact, there are certain time when one will even think that God doesn’t answer prayers or that God is far away from such a person that is facing that problem.

    Also, your reproach can turn into honour. There are days of shame and calamity but God in His mightiness will change the whole situation.

    Not only this, it is expressed, God can make impossibility become possible. There is no impossibility in the account of God. The Bible confirms that in the book of Luke 1:37, that, “For with God, all things are possible”. God says, “I am the God of all flesh, is there anything difficult for me to do?” Jer. 32:27.

    The Lord is able to do all things and change situations for better. No matter how long it may be, the promise of God will surely be fulfilled in one’s life.

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  • Revd Prof. Titus O. Elufisan JP

    Revd Prof. Titus O. Elufisan JP is a respected and dynamic minister of this end time, who received the Lord Jesus more than four decades ago. He preaches the true word of God: holiness and heavenly focused messages.

    God is using him for revival in this end-time. He is always a guest speaker at conferences, vocational/career talk, deliverance / Holy Ghost ministrations, retreats, success seminars and in many higher institutions with signs following.

    He was well trained both in secular education and theology field.

    A trained and qualified Guidance Councellor. His counselling has helped many people.

    He is blessed with a wife Revd Mrs. Mary M. Elufisan and children who are also ministers of God.