EBook Publishing

E-book Publishing is an electronic book publishing, a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, that can be read on computers or other electronic devices, for the purpose of online distributions or sales as a downloadable product.

Looking at the trend of things globally, we will realize that everything is changing because of the advent of internet. Availability of the internet is making things simple and you can get any information you want to get at the tip of your fingers. Internet is now making the way we produce and market our books different from the old ways.

Do you know that the book you have published so many years ago and the one you are just writing can reach all over the world and impact lives within a few minutes by publishing your book electronically.

Knowledge of E-Book Publishing is an opportunity for anyone to publish his or her books on the internet and reach wider audience and still make more profit without any stress.


1. We will build a free mini website, e.g (www.youname.blogspot.com) for you to market your books to the whole world.

2. Your book will be published in two international websites including amazon (the biggest ebook seller in the world) where you will be paid in Dollars quarterly when your book is sold.

3. We will put your book on Christian Writers website www.christianwritersassociation.org and Rightway Christian Bookstore www.rcbookstore.com . You will be paid quarterly when your book is purchased.

4. We will give you an ebook (E-BOOK PUBLISHING – How you can publish and market your books online and make more profits) to help you in this journey.

Follow these instructions:

1. Make ready your typed and corrected manuscript in MS Word format (Soft Copy)
2. Scan the Book cover (If you don’t know how to design the cover we will help you design one for just N2000.00)
3. Scan your Passport size photograph.
4. A brief introduction of the book (About the Book).
5. Your brief biography (About the Author).
6. You Bank detail (Bank Name, Account Name and Number)
7. Three customized names (domain name) you want for your website, like www.yourname.blogspot.com, www.yoursite.blogspot.com. You can also let us know if you want us to design a full dynamic and responsive website for you.

Book Marketing

We will help you sell your book on Amazon.com, Lulu.com, Christianwritersassociation.org, Rcbookstore.com, and all other major online retailers. We also distribute to major physical bookstores.